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You haven't lived until you experience the pleasure of a great shave and a barber's shop cut.

A cut above the rest

Flat tops

Urban style barbershop in town

Travis Barber shop will reminded you of taking a trip to the barbershop with your dad when you were a kid. It’s the urban style barbershop in town that can relish a return to the golden age, where the barbershop was a popular place for men to hang out and socialize.


A straight razor shave around the ears and back of the neck is the traditional and correct way to finish a man's haircut, and by law, only Barbers can do it. Guys, if you're not getting shaved, you're getting short-changed. Come see a master of the tonsorial arts.


We are the master of the tonsorial arts who is not only highly skilled at cutting men's hair but also an expert at men’s hair styling, beard trimming, and face shave. We offer old-fashioned friendly customer service at affordable prices. Come in and let us know what you have in mind.

Men's cuts

Beard and mustache


Face shaves

Women's cuts

Edge up only

Additional add-on:








Enjoy old fashioned barber shop service and experience a cut above average haircut. With years of experience of our veteran barbers, we guarantee delivering affordable, quality cuts and pay great attention to detail to get the exact look

you want every time you walk through our doors. We will do everything possible to match you with the right look.

Head Shaves




Head Design

Ask for details

with style

$19 - $21